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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my order start after purchase?

A: You should start seeing results within 5-14 business days (not including weekends) after placing your order (usually you’ll see them within 48 hours, but we say 5-14 days to be safe).

Q: How fast will followers come?

A:  Once your campaign has started, you should see anywhere from 100 – 5,000 followers added per day.

Q: Do you have to login to my Instagram account to set this up?

A:  No, we don’t need your logins.  That’s one of the awesome things about this service!  Remember, your account is growing through mobile advertising, which means it is from real marketing sources like Facebook advertising, Google advertising, Etc

Q: How will I know I am getting results?

A:  You can just start checking your Instagram each day and pay attention to the number of followers, post likes, video views, etc that you have (depending on what you ordered).  For example, if you ordered 25,000 Followers, your campaign should start within 5-14 days and you should be seeing around 100 – 5,000 new followers per day added to your account.

Q: Are these followers real?

A:  Yes, they are 100% real people (human beings).  Remember, these are mobile app users.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A:  Once you’ve placed your order, there are NO refunds.  This service costs our company a lot of money to run, including paying for 18 full time engineers, 25+ terabytes of server space per week and paying for your Instagram to show up on all the mobile apps.  Please do not place your order, unless you are 100% certain that you want this service.  But come on, who doesn’t want to CRUSH it on Instagram?!

Q: What’s the difference between Internet Royalty’s services and other Instagram services online?

A: We can’t speak on behalf of any other companies. All that we can say is that the followers that we provide you are 100% REAL human beings (NO BOTS) and they come from mobile apps.

Q: How do the likes campaigns work?

A:  Once you purchase a likes campaign and we start your campaign, the likes will happen on your “next” 30 posts.  So for example, if you purchase a “2,000 likes per post for 30 posts” campaign, then when your campaign starts, you will get 2,000 likes per post for the next 30 posts.  So if you post 3 times per day, then your campaign MAY be fulfilled within 10 days.  If you post once a day, then your campaign MAY be fulfilled in 30 days, depending on how fast our servers work.

Q: How fast will the likes per post come in?

A:  They usually will come in over a 1-5 day period.

Q: Will my account get banned?

A:  We’ve never had 1 account get banned for using our service.  We don’t even need your IG login in order to fulfill our services.  The followers you get from our service are real people using mobile apps.  At the same time, we are not responsible or held liable for any accounts that get suspended or terminated.

Q: Will the followers I purchase be niche specific?

A:  No.  There may be some followers that follow your account that might be in your niche.  But for the most part, the followers could be in any niche.  They are incentivized to follow you from mobile apps.  Watch Vincent’s video again to understand more about why the followers and activity is so important to help you get in front of the right audience.

Q: What is the graphics package?

A:  Our designer will create professional “images” for you to post on your Instagram.  These are GREAT because it’s important that you look professional on Instagram.  You want be perceived as having an awesome image online.

Q: I just started a brand new Instagram account. Will my Instagram account be in danger if I grow too fast?

A:  We can’t really speak on behalf of IG, but this service works perfect for NEW accounts.  Again, we don’t need your login and these followers are 100% REAL!

Q: Will this service interfere with the other Instagram services I’m using online to grow my account?

A:  No it won’t.  Most of those other services need your login.  We don’t.  We are sending you 100% real followers that come from mobile apps.

Q: How many leads and sales should I be getting with your service?

A:  We don’t guarantee ANY leads or sales with our service.  BUT what we do know is that if you are consistent at posting on Instagram, and you use our service, you have a GREATER chance at hitting the explorer page and getting new likes, leads, followers, and sales from the increased exposure.

Q: I’m an affiliate but I don’t live in the USA. Do I need to fill out form for tax purposes?

A: At this time, you do not need to fill out any forms.  ONLY USA residents need to fill out a w9 in order to be paid.

Q: How do I become an affiliate?

A:  You must purchase at least 1 package from and when you make your purchase, you will automatically be made an affiliate.  You should receive an email with your login details, after purchasing.

Q: Can I become an affiliate without purchasing anything from

A:  At this time, you can only become an affiliate after purchasing at least one package from

Q: What countries will our followers be located in, when coming from the mobile apps?

A:  The followers from these mobile apps could be from anywhere in the world (not one specific country), and at this time there is not a way for us to ONLY allow certain countries through.

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